If you are looking for a cool group of friends, look no further,  you should be a part of this crew :).

I had a blast photographing Mary & Jason’s wedding. I have known Mary and her family since middle school. Not only do these two have amazing families, they also have a great group of friends! You will see just how fun they are when you check out these photos. Thank you Mary & Jason for having me photograph your wedding day, it was such an honor!

Much Love & Thanks!


2014-05-29_0002 copy 2014-05-29_0001 copy 2014-05-29_0004 copy


2014-05-29_0003 copy 2014-05-29_0005 copy 2014-06-12_0024 copy 2014-06-12_0023 copy 2014-06-12_0022 copy 2014-06-12_0025 copy 2014-06-12_0026 copy 2014-06-12_0027 copy 2014-06-12_0028 copy 2014-06-12_0029 copy 2014-06-12_0030 copy 2014-05-29_0009 copy 2014-05-29_0006 copy 2014-05-29_0008 copy 2014-06-12_0031 copy 2014-06-12_0034 copy 2014-06-12_0035 copy 2014-06-12_0033 copy 2014-06-12_0036 copy 2014-06-12_0037 copy 2014-06-12_0032 copy 2014-06-12_0038 copy


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I’m not sure why I waited so long to share this wonderful engagement session, but better late then never.:)

In the fall I photographed Victoria & Billy at her grandparents home in Central! Thanks to the help of many people we were able to execute her ideas amazingly! Not only did I have an awesome time photographing this session, but I love how the photos turned out. Not hard with such a beautiful couple!

Much Love & Thanks!

E 2014-05-23_0023 copy 2014-05-23_0016 copy 2014-05-23_0015 copy


2014-05-23_0013 copy 2014-05-23_0022 copy 2014-05-23_0020 copy 2014-05-23_0014 copy 2014-05-23_0011 copy

2014-05-23_0012 copy 2014-05-23_0017 copy 2014-05-23_0019 copy 2014-05-23_0021 copy 2014-05-23_0018 copy

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Emily & Lance had the cutest barn wedding at one of my favorite venues, Ashley Manor!

I loved working with these two and their wonderful families. I hope you enjoy taking a look at their wedding along with the many awesome details. Who would have thought to borrow boots for the center pieces and to use on the isle?! It turned out AWESOME!

Enjoy the pictures!

Much Love & Thanks!

Erin 2014-05-22_0016 copy 2014-05-22_0030 copy  2014-05-22_0015 copy 2014-05-22_0036 copy

2014-05-22_0040 copy 2014-05-22_0042 copy 2014-05-22_0027 copy 2014-05-22_0026 copy 2014-05-22_0037 copy 2014-05-22_0038 copy 2014-05-22_0039 copy 2014-05-22_0043 copy 2014-05-22_0035 copy 2014-05-22_0033 copy 2014-05-22_0034 copy 2014-05-22_0046 copy 2014-05-22_0044 copy 2014-05-22_0045 copy 2014-05-22_0047 copy

  • Shelley Matherne

    Where is this barn?

  • Ashley Manor Catering and Reception Center

    This awesome Bride and Groom brought us their valued personal goods and we created a little cowboy/cowgirl heaven for them. It was one of the most enjoyable events we have veered had. Congrats and have a wonderful life together!!!

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I am super excited to post photos of this precious angel! Today is Sutton’s 1st Birthday.

I’ve been honored to photograph many milestones in this families life. I first met Katie ,when she booked me to photograph her wedding, a few years ago. Then as soon as they found out she was pregnant, she contacted me again to get information and book our “Baby Plan”. I was so lucky to photograph sweet Sutton as she grew over the last year.

Thank you Katie & Jared for hiring me to capture wonderful milestones for your family! I hope to always be your family photographer and friend!

Here are some photos from the last year! (newborn, 6  months, and a cake smash session)

Much Love & Thanks!


Happy Birthday Sutton!

2014-03-06_0002 2014-03-06_0003

2014-03-06_0001 2014-03-06_0008 2014-03-06_0009 2014-03-06_0010 2014-03-06_0011 2014-03-06_0012 2014-03-06_0013 2014-03-06_0014


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